LightRules Management System

Maximum Energy Efficiency

LightRules provides the essential infrastructure and management system to drive maximum energy efficiency from your intelligent lighting system. The ability to set each fixture, or group of fixtures, to the optimal setting for their application, and to ensure that those settings remain optimal over time will ensure that your intelligent lighting system is operating a peak energy efficiency without compromising functionality or safety.

Flexible Control

LightRules includes a wide range of features to allow the intelligent lighting system to flexibly adapt to any application and to give you fine-grained control over your lighting. A calendar allows a rich set of profile configurations to change over time while daylight harvesting ensures that any available ambient light is offsetting fixture light output to avoid under-lighting or over-lighting any area. And, manual control gives you the ability to automatically override any of these settings for any maintenance, cleaning, or other operations where your normal automatic settings are not desired.

Data-Driven Optimization

By collecting, processing, and reporting on all of the occupancy and lighting events in your facility, LightRules gives you the data you need to ensure that you are always running at the optimal energy efficiency point, regardless of application. Facility map reports make it easy to relate data to your own floor plan, and the rich set of reporting options allow you to gain key operational insight into facility usage, even beyond energy consumption. And, the optional LightRules Monitor allows the Digital Lumens team of experts to make optimization recommendations for you via remote LightRules access.

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